Marjorie K Ionta Physical Therapy Center for Clinical Excellence and Health Promotion

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Ms. Ionta was:

  • Director of Physical Therapy at Massachusetts General Hospital from 1958 to 1981
  • Part of the original planning group of founders for the MGH Institute of Health Professions (IHP) who envisioned an interprofessional graduate school to create leaders and master clinicians in the health care professions. She was the first Professor Emerita at the IHP.
  • Founding Member of the APTA (originally American Women’s Physiotherapeutic Association) and served on the Board of Directors, National Education Committee, and was MA Chapter President.
  • One of the first to study proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), she co-authored the textbook Proprioception Neuromuscular Facilitation that still in use today
  • Co-founder of the North American Academy of Manipulative Therapy, the forerunner of the Orthopedic Section of the APTA
  • A highly skilled and demanding teacher who taught therapeutic exercise at Simmons, the IHP and other schools throughout the country
  • Someone who received numerous honors and awards, locally and nationally throughout her storied career
  • A champion for underserved patients who provided numerous patients care pro bono
  • A loyal friend and confident to many, including “her therapists”
  • An identical twin and devoted aunt to her sister Peg Cochrane’s children, Scott and Bruce

The IHP has just opened a state-of-the-art IMPACT Practice Center, one of the only in New England, using an interprofessional model to teach students from different healthcare disciplines how to provide exceptional free supervised care to members of the community. Please join us by making a donation to name the Marjorie K. Ionta Physical Therapy Center for Clinical Excellence and Health Promotion.

Though the goal would be $50,000, thanks to an anonymous donor, your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar, thus reducing our goal to $25,000.

Ms. Ionta was, and remains, a role model for so many of us, a true professional, a leader, a master clinician, a teacher, a politician, and a risk-taker who influenced generations of PTs. A true advocate for the contribution that physical therapists make, she taught, encouraged and mentored staff to evaluate and treat patients comprehensively. “Treat the whole patient” was her mantra long before the contemporary references to “patient-centered care.” Ms. Ionta set high standards and always expected the best from the staff. It is befitting to memorialize her legacy and contribution by having this center bear her name.

The IMPACT Practice Center embodies one of Ms. Ionta’s core values, providing students with a challenging and supportive environment, created through the wisdom and passion of skilled therapists. She believed patients deserved the very best in physical therapy care and the IMPACT Center delivers that experience to IHP students and its clients.

Thank you for your commitment to the Institute!